Thing 13 – K12 Online Conference

The K12 Online Conference is an amazing resource.  It just blew me away.  There is so much to explore, and so much that looks worthwhile.  Part of my job is to share, recommend, and suggest professional learning opportunities to members of our faculty so this is a treasure trove to me.  I have already referred our Middle School English teacher to Using Web 2.0 Tools to teach ‘The Outsiders’, and I see a promising conference on Building a Web 2.0 Culture that I will want to attend in the section labeled “Leading the Change.”  Last weekend, I was sent to a site of 100 Excellent Online Lectures for Educators Again that I have added to my links to the right, and that was another source of endless possibilities.  I’m fairly overwhelmed by the wealth of materials available.  How can I narrow it down?  How can I make it useful for myself and then useful for our teachers and our students?

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